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Tuesday January 14, 2020
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I hope this is enough to get you started. I can’t describe how it feels to be able to finally meet and share this secret side with another person. You will not be alone, it will be part of the community. Another way to help organize a party is to stop chatting to help meet friends. Know people, they are you. You don’t need the details of the meeting here, just make friends. I sincerely appreciate your sex doll suggestion, just as I believe everyone on this forum. Finally, your suggestion may be the way forward. My hope is to find a group in Carolina or more practically. Somewhere in Raleigh’s driving distance. If not, then we should. If interested, I have no problem organizing it. I will accept interest like at least two others. So yes, if you want to go to a party in North Carolina or Washington DC, I will sort out some things based on my interests. Finding a good meeting place requires some investigation. In addition to contacting the owner / manager, check to see if the place is suitable for possible photos. We were very lucky in this regard and got some wonderful single and multipuppet photography. It is best to be in a remote place (for privacy), but simple things (such as beautiful parks, waking trails or swimming pools) can take some very beautiful sex dolls photos.

Posted By: sammi In: TPE Sex Doll
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